$22.00 NZD

Soap Shakers have been around forever! 

A clever little throwback to yesteryear, the soap shaker is designed to be swirled, swished and vigorously shaken in water creating a nice soapy bowl or bucket of water and lots of bubbles to tackle your cleaning job.

Whether that's doing the dishes, mopping the floor, or pre-soaking some grubby clothes, nappies, smelly items, or cleaning up some running shoes

Simply open up the cage, pop a soap bar inside, close and slide the locking ring back in place.

The Zero® soap shaker is made from very high grade 304 Stainless Steel, so it is robust and strong, and designed not to rust and last forever!

Zero® Dish Bar is the perfect size soap to go inside and will tackle the grubbiest jobs, with it's highly cleansing formulation lifting dirt and grime from clothes, floors, dishes, anywhere!  You can shop here for Zero® Dish Bar.

Use it in conjunction with our Soap Shaker to whip up some soapy bubbles for doing the dishes, a bucket of water to mop the floor, or use it directly on clothing to spot clean marks and stains, sweaty or smelly armpit stains on clothing, spots on upholstery, carpet.  

Lightly scented with Lemon Essential Oil not only provides a fresh lemon scent but adds grease cutting power!

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    Soap Shaker
    $22.00 NZD

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