The Power of Zero®

Make cleaning a breeze with Zero®! From soaps and cleaners, to eco-friendly accessories - it's everything you need to keep your place spick and span!

Tackle those pesky chores knowing you're making a difference. Zero® - A cleaner Tomorrow.

When you buy Zero® Soap & Cleaners you support a New Zealand owned and operated business, putting money into our economy, and providing jobs in the small town of Waihī!

Support local, support small you continue to have choices!

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Zero®. A Cleaner Tomorrow.

Seal the deal on sustainability with our earth-friendly packaging options.

Are you a tea lover?

Let us introduce you to our favourite tea company... Teafillery.

Certified Organic Herbal Teas, blended in New Zealand.

Follow this link to take you to Teafillery's website. If you are purchasing from Zero® and you purchase from Teafillery at the same time, enter "Zero" as a discount code on the payments page and pay Zero for your freight!

Clean the house with Zero® and sit down for a cuppa with Teafillery®. You're welcome.