Zero Refill is committed to keeping our delivery costs as low as we can.

We are further committed to the environment, waste, and sustainability.  This means we will not use plastic courier bags, plastic wrap or plastic cushioning, plastic tape or any other non biodegradable product. 

And we will pack the parcel as efficiently as possible, to minimise damage, and keep your costs and the footprint of this just as low as we can.

Our costs are transparent, and we haven't pumped up the cost of the product with hidden courier costs to make our shipping rates appear cheap. When you get "free shipping" or cheap flat rates, it usually means you are paying more for the product than you should be!

We use Post Haste and NZ Post/Courierpost for most of our parcels.

Parcel Size We will squeeze in... North Island South Island
Really Small Parcel Usually Soap Bars or Items we can pack into a tiny box $8 $9
A little bit Bigger Usually 1-2 bottles, bags or Pouches $9 $12
Small-Medium Parcel Usually 2-3 bottles, bags or Pouches $12 $15
Medium Parcel Usually 3-4 bottles, bags or Pouches $15 $18
Medium-Large Parcel Usually 4-6 bottles, bags or Pouches $18 $22
Large Parcel Usually 6-10 bottles, bags or Pouches $22 $26
Maximum  The most you will pay... $29 $35