$9.00 NZD

Time poor, but want to be able to quickly mix up Make It Yourself™ Cleaning Products?

Can't get it into a fine enough powder, or don't want the hassle and mess with mixing liquid soap and Sodium Bicarbonate in your Kitchen Whizz.

Then try Zero® Soap & Bicarb.  Made from Zero® Laundry Liquid, mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), it is super efficient and effective.  It has been ground to a fine powder (see the photo of the powder in the bowl on it's own to see the powder consistency), and is ready to mix into any of your Make It Yourself™ formulas. 

And it's already scented with a lovely fresh Lemon & Lavender scent complements of Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils, or you can choose Unscented.

If you want to check out the ingredients, take a quick look here at Zero® Laundry Liquid and add Sodium Bicarbonate, to see what has been used to generate the powder.

We recommend usage at around 10-15% of the total Sodium Bicarbonate the formula uses.  So if your formula is 100g of Sodium Bicarbonate, with liquid soap drizzled into it, then use about 15g of this powder, and 85g of plain Sodium Bicarbonate.  You can increase the ration of powder if you want a stronger concentrate.

We also sell pure powdered Soap which is Zero® Dish Bar ground to a fine powder ready to use.  Shop here for this product.

It's packaged in a Zip Lock Plastic Bag that you can reuse, or it can go into Soft Plastic Recycling. The plastic bag helps prevent moisture getting into the powder and making it into hard lumps because we don't put any toxic moisture absorbers in!  We recommend you transfer it to an airtight container as soon as possible after receiving it from us.

Soap & Bicarb for Make It Yourself™
$9.00 NZD

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