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Get rid of the Stains, Smells and Grime!

Zero® Soak & Wash Powder is the holy grail of pre-soaking products for your grimiest washables!

A potent blend of active ingredients will give your muddied athletic gear, sweat-soaked running clothes, and grimy diapers a running start before they go in the washer. As a 50% active formula it is super concentrated.

Natural as and it doesn't contain Borax, 'cause that stuff's bad news for your Endocrine, Gastro & Liver, and Nervous Systems - Gross!  You can read a bit more on Borax here. If you have a family, are trying to start a family - you will want to read this.

Instead, we use mighty washing soda, baking soda, and oxygen bleach with Citric Acid for pH balance and extra oomph! A couple spoonfuls of this powder is all you need for a bucket of hot/warm water (or cold for delicate fabrics).

It's super economical as you will use about 50-75% the amount other similar products need to do the same job!

It's packaged in a Zip Lock Plastic Bag that you can reuse, or it can go into Soft Plastic Recycling. The plastic bag helps prevent moisture getting into the powder and making it into hard lumps because we don't put any toxic moisture absorbers in!  We recommend you transfer it to an airtight container as soon as possible after receiving it from us.

There's no Suspense as to how we are getting your Black Marks out!

Transparency is not a game with Zero®! Get all the intel you need on the ingredients in this formula with a full list of all its contents. Uncover the truth about what you're using with just one click - no more mystery ingredients! Plus, if you're left with any questions, you know we've got you covered.

The Naughty List!

Our commitment to quality means we never use harsh ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re using on your body and to clean your home.

Check the label for this ‘naughty list’ of not-so-friendly ingredients.

EWG Skin Deep is your go-to for extra research!

Unfortunately isn't an exhaustive list - basically if it isn't listed on our products as an ingredient, it probably belongs on this list instead! 

Below the Tabs  
Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
      Septic & Grey Water Safe
All packaging ReUsable & Recyclable Made in Waihi, New Zealand



Product Code:S&W500
Soak & Wash Powder
$6.00 NZD

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