$49.00 NZD

Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers are an easy way to Aroma Your World with welcoming and calming aromas.  

Choose from our single oils or blends and with just a few drops and water, you are instantly scenting your home with not only gorgeous aromas, but helping you through your day in whatever it may throw at you!

This beautiful black wood grain will look really smart in any decor, old or new.  The 200ml reservoir will ensure it runs for a full 12 hours gently, quietly misting your home with it's fine, cool mist.

Great if you have some bugs and colds, you can use our synergistic blends, or old musty smells you want to clear.

Hot nights, use our cool refreshing blends, or use it to get rid of the biting bugs.

Sleep not coming easily, or busy work projects and deadlines to meet, study exam time, choose an appropriate blend for that too.

The LED light option provides a gentle blue night light too, or just adds another cool dimension to the diffuser in your decor.

Easy to use, it comes with the cable to plug into your power source.

Aroma Your World today!


Mist Diffuser to easily Aroma your World!
$49.00 NZD

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