$6.00 NZD

Golden threads of Saffron...

A stunning coloured bar, coloured from spices, and a gorgeous aroma of Lavender, Lemon and orange. Fresh, soothing, and really creamy!  

This is one of our most popular bars!

It's ready to go the distance with over 100g of soapy goodness!

And all our soaps are $6 each or 2 for $10!

Let's take a peak inside...

Castile Liquid Soap is a traditional ultra concentrated and pure soap

Transparency is not a game with Zero®! Get all the intel you need on the ingredients in this formula with a full list of all its contents. Uncover the truth about what you're using with just one click - no more mystery ingredients! Plus, if you're left with any questions, you know we've got you covered. 

Saponified Oils: 

  • Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil)
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
  • Oryza Sativa (Rice Bran Oil)
  • Olea europaea (Olive Oil)
  • Ricinus communis (Castor Oil)

Essential Oils: Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender), Citrus Limon (Lemon), Citrus sinensis (Orange) 

Colourants: Annatto.  Annatto is an orange-red condiment and food coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree, native to tropical America. It is often used to impart a yellow or orange colour

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Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
      Septic & Grey Water Safe
All packaging ReUsable & Recyclable Made in Waihī, New Zealand
Product Code:SAFFRON
Saffron Soap Bar
$6.00 NZD

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