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The Goodness inside Femini Tea®

Honeybush, Sage, Chaste Tree, Lemon Verbena, Rose Petals, all organic

Soothe and smooth with Femini Tea®

Herbaceous, with a lovely floral tone, gently sweet, and very smooth. A delicate tea.

Blast those hormones off the planet!

When y'all feeling moody, irritable, like you're about to blow a gasket and deep inside it's the hormones wreaking havoc- Femini-Tea®'s here to help.

This harmonious blend of herbs has the power to aid in taming those pre- and post-menstrual and menopausal hormones.

Worst case it's an opportunity just sit back, take a deeeeep breath and relax.

Teafillery® prepares it's own blends in Waihi, New Zealand from herbs and spices imported by Teafillery® directly.  These herbs and spices are certified in accordance with the Australian Certified Organic Standard 2021v.1. and supplied by a certified supplier.

New to Tea? Here's the best way to Brew it


Use at 2 teaspoons or 2-3 grams per 250ml of boiled water.

Pop the jug on to boil, and measure out the tea into your infuser or teapot.

Take the boiled water and the first pour goes into your cup to warm it - swirl it around and tip it out. 

Put boiling water over the tea either in the infuser sitting in your cup or in your tea pot, and leave it to brew for 3-5 minutes.  The longer you leave it, the stronger your brew will be. 

Remove the infuser and discard the herbs in your garden or worm farm - but not down the sink!  You can reuse the herbs again, your brew will be a bit weaker.

Take a quiet moment and enjoy your brew!  

If you have brewed a teapot, and it isn't all used at once then put the teapot or pour into a container and pop it in the fridge to use cold or rewarm it.

Creative ways to enhance the flavour and serve this Tea

  Add honey for a sweetener. But remember, it's sweet anyway!
Freeze into Ice Cubes 
Ice  Cubes are great to add to a smoothie to chill it, and to get the benefits of the tea
Add to a Mocktail or Cocktail for a refreshing and cool drink!


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Femini Tea®, Organic. Calming & restorative
$14.00 NZD

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