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The Goodness inside Honeybush Tea...

Honeybush, Organic

A sister Tea to Rooibos....

It's like the little sister of Rooibos.  Cultivated in South Africa's Eastern Cape region, it's flowers smell of honey. It is slightly fuller bodied than Rooibos, with a slightly sweet honey-like taste.  

Smooth, fruity and delicate.

Unlock the Power of Honeybush

it is high in vitamins and antioxidants. It aids in digestion, and is naturally caffeine free.

Creative ways to enhance the flavour and serve this Tea

  Add honey for a sweetener, but remember, this one's pretty sweet anyway!
Add a slice of lemon for more of a lemon twist
Freeze into Ice Cubes 
Ice  Cubes are great to add to a smoothie to chill it, and to get the benefits of the tea
Add to a Mocktail or Cocktail for a refreshing and cool drink!  Black Tea is a great addition to a Fruit Punch!


Product Code:HONEYBUSH-50P
Honeybush Tea, Organic. Sweet, Gentle
$9.00 NZD

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