$10.00 NZD

Ahhh, the beauty of our handmade cleaning cloths!

Crocheted with luxurious 100% Cotton yarn, these 10 ply beauties are soft, absorbent, and ready for mess-wiping duty.

Even though we call them a Dish Cloth, they are so much more... a lovely soft wash cloth for babies, for your face, or any clean up job!

Just pop 'em in with your normal laundry to refresh.  

They come in a conveniently large size (23cm square) - perfect for tackling all that grime.

And when it's time to say goodbye, these cloths can biodegrade non-toxically, minus any icky microfibres.

They're each named after a New Zealand native bird and their colors match accordingly!

Hand Made in Waihi


Cleaning Cloths - Hand Made in New Zealand
$10.00 NZD

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