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Loving Vitali Tea

Vitali Tea, a bold blend of...

Ginger, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Kawakawa, Calendula, all organic

Vitali Tea Tastes like...

A bold tea, this isn't for the faint hearted!

Short of shyness, ginger stimulates the blood circulation, warming the extremities when feeling cold.

Ginger, lemongrass, kawakawa and peppery is bold and intense, Hibiscus and Calendula provides a gentle sweetness that rounds out the taste in perfect harmony.

Vitali Tea's Superpower!

It's going to make you feel alive, invigorating you with the peppery Kawakawa. Full bodied, pungent, romantic, and bright.

Ginger is also helpful with stomach upsets, nausea and general malaise. It is a tonic for the blood and circulatory stimulant, and will warm you to the cockles of your heart! Calendula rounds it off to provide the a calm balance.

Refined Blends of Tea from Teafillery blended in New Zealand from Certified Organic Herbs & Spices

To Brew

To Brew...

  2 teaspoons or 2-3 grams per 250ml of boiled water. Pour the water over the herbs. Infuse for 3-5  minutes and enjoy! Can be refilled 1-3 times.

To Serve 

Try it like this....

Add honey for a sweetener
Freeze into Ice Cubes 
Ice  Cubes are great to add to a smoothie to chill it, and to get the benefits of the tea
Add to a Mocktail or Cocktail for a refreshing and cool drink!



Sizes & Certifications

50g = approximately 15-20 first cups (most tea can be used for 1-3 refills)

100g = approximately 40-50 first cups 

Paper Bags:  50g and 100g. These are packed to order to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Please transfer to an airtight container as soon as it is received.

Jar:  50g and 100g. Perfect for a tidy pantry, or a lovely gift.

Organic Certification

Blended in New Zealand from imported herbs which are certified organic by World Leading Organic Certifiers - Australian Certified Organic.


This tea has one ingredient which is not always organic, namely Kawakawa, and as a whole blend is not certified organic. Often it comes from Teafillery's own farm and is wildcrafted, meaning it is grown in an organic way, without pesticides, sprays, using fertilisers from the Worm Farm, and using natural methods of growing support.

All other ingredients in this blend are certified organic.

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Vitali® Tea by Teafillery®. Organic, Zesty & Spicy!
$16.00 NZD

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