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Our naturally NZ brewed strong white vinegar at around 10% Acetic Acid Strength is perfect for cleaning. It is NOT for cooking or consumption.

New Zealand made, it is great for surface cleaning, however you do need to take care with porous surfaces like Caesar Stone, Granite, etc. Also, some manufacturers will void warranties on appliances if they find out you have used vinegar!

Given it is double the strength of normal food ingredient vinegar it can be diluted further.

We do not endorse vinegar as a disinfectant as it is not recognised by authorities like the World Health Organisation.   It is a good cleaning product, but is not considered something that will kill all the bugs! 

We also suggest you should use caution inside appliances as it can perish seals, and damage soft surfaces, and composite type glued surfaces, grout, and silicone.

Packaged in a GLASS BOTTLE which you can reuse!  

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Product Code:VIN500
Vinegar for Cleaning - Strong, Naturally NZ Brewed White Vinegar for Make Yourself™ Cleaners
$6.00 NZD

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