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Create a Spick-and-Span Kingdom for Yourself - DIY Cleanliness!


Ethanol, aka alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and grain alcohol - a clear, colourless liquid used to make beer, wine, and brandy - is also a master of disguise!

It can dissolve into water and other organic compounds, making it a go-to for cleaning products. Plus, it's natural, thanks to plant fermentation.

Talk about a triple threat - ethanol kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, making it a major ingredient in the World Health Organisation's formulas for spray disinfectants. 

It is denatured however and is not suitable for Human Consumption or further manufacture into food products.

Unfortunately this is the one product we have to relent on and package in plastic bottles for courier safety and in order to comply with the Dangerous Goods Act. 

This product also attracts a one off additional charge of $10 (charged automatically at checkout) as there is a surcharge for carriage of Dangerous Goods.

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How's it Packaged & can I Recycle the Packaging?

It's packaged in a Plastic Bottle with a locking cap that you can reuse, or it can go into Plastic Recycling.

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Alcohol for Cleaning
$11.00 NZD

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