Our soaps do not contain nasty ingredients which are scientifically proven allergens, neurotoxins, immunotoxiins, endocrine disruptors and recommended as just plain not good for you! We encourage you to rid your laundry and bathroom of products containing these:

Benzyl Alcohol: A synthetic chemical used as a preservative. A neurotoxin, allergen and immunotoxin. Best avoided.

Benzyl Benzoate: A synthetic chemical. Associated with endocrine disruption and possible neurotoxin. Wildlife and environmental toxicity. Caution advised. Derived from petroleum.

Benzalkonium Chloride: Petroleum derived, used as a preservative. Allergen of the Year 2004, suspected respiratory, liver, immuno and neuro toxin. Best avoided.

Cocamide DEA/MEA: Petroleum derived. Considered a carcinogenic, immunotoxin. Best avoided.

Cocamidopropyl betaine/CAPB: Derived from coconut or petroleum. Immunotoxin, very high risk of allergy. Best avoided.

Limonene: Plant derived, however considered a skin, eye and lung irritant. Wildlife and environmental toxin. Caution advised.

Parfum/Fragrance: Allergen, immuno and neurotoxin. Synthetic chemical. Some preservatives are allowed to be called Fragrance and companies use this to disguise preservatives. Considered best avoided.

PEG compounds: Petroleum derived. Considered allergen. Best avoided.

Phthalates: Petroleum derived. Banned in the EU. Linked to birth defects, damage to reproductive systems including mens' sperm counts, endocrine, liver, kidney, developmental systems, immuno and neuro toxins, wildlife and environmental toxicity. Avoid!

Sodium Benzoate: Causes contact dermatitis, may damage DNA, neurotoxin, suspected damaging to cardiovascular, gatrointestinal, liver, kidneys and nervous systems. Derived from petroleum. Used as a preservative. Considered best avoided.

Sodium Metasilicate/Sodium Silicate: Derived from synthetic or mineral. Suspected liver toxicity. Caution advised.

Sodium laureth sulphates/SLES/Ether Sulphates: May be palm or petroleum derived. Skin allergen. Best avoided

Tetrasodium EDTA/EDTA/Edetic Acid and other similar names: Derived from petroleum, used as preservative. Caution advised.


Above classifications are taken from "Chemical Maze"