Choose the quantity of soap you want.  Price is per 100g, so if you are buying a 500g bottle then you will want 500g of soap, so you need to enter 5 for the quantity.

At checkout you will also choose the bottle type (glass or stainless steel) and the additional bottle fee will be added to your final order as per below.  

And finally, if there is optional aromas, you will also choose the essential oil blend you want at checkout.

In addition to the soap price you will pay for the bottle:

Stainless Steel Bottle & Pump 500g  $15

Glass Bottle 500g or 1100g with cap only, no pump  $2

Glass Bottle 500g or 1100g with Pump $4

Stainless Steel Refill Bottle 1000g $8

Stainless Steel Refill Bottle 2000g $9

Remember:  Glass Bottles and Stainless Steel Refill Bottles can be returned to us free of charge for a store credit ($0.50 on glass bottles and $5 on Stainless Steel)