There are a number of bottle options with stainless steel or glass point of use bottles, and stainless steel or glass refill bottles.

The 450g brushed stainless steel bottle will look gorgeous in any shower, on any basin or benchtop.  They come with a trigger sprayer or stainless steel pump depending on the type of soap product. 

The stainless steel bottles will last forever without fear of breaking, retaining their elegance and beauty, and when you are done, it will be 100% recyclable (you can return to us or take to your metal recyclers).

Once you replace the bottles in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with our Zero Refill stainless steel bottles, you will never buy another bottle again!

Or choose glass which is still fully circular, and recyclable (just a little more breakable!) Equally as pretty and functional, and still 100% recyclable at end of life!

And we have our Re-Bottle plastic bottles which are bottles getting a brief second life before recycling stardom - remember we never use plastic for our original bottles! 

Read about our Return Program here